Every year about this time, we begin to see a large number of people from Kent, Ottawa, Allegan and Ionia Counties and beyond make their way to one of our three stores. We have a large poster in our window saying, “Let us be your Secret Santa.” And for many, we become just that. At a time when finances are stretched to the max, when health care coverage is more expensive than ever before, when the price of groceries has continued to rise, etc. etc., it can be a little frightening heading into December when we’d love to be able to do something nice for our loved ones. And if you’ve got kids? Well, you know.

Some of the even smaller gold jewelry items still have a decent amount of weight to them, and it doesn’t matter AT ALL what condition they’re in. We often joke and say that you could take it out into the parking lot and drive over it with your car, and it’ll still be worth just the same! That’s the beauty of gold. It matters not whether it’s clean, dirty, old, damaged or looking brand new. Gold is gold is gold. And a 14K item weighing in at around just a few grams will still put an extra $40 or $50 in your pocket. That makes a difference during this time of the year.

Come on in and let us be your Secret Santa. We’ve got a check with your name on it, just waiting for you.