gold filled

Unfortunately, gold filled jewelry is misunderstood in the gold and silver industry. Many people even some jewelers will compare gold filled, and gold-plated when they have different values. This particular jewelry is more valuable than any plated gold jewelry.

The difference is in the numbers. Regardless if a piece of jewelry is plated with 18k gold or 10k gold, gold filled is still more valuable. This type of gold has a pretty thick sheet of gold applied to the base of the metal in the jewelry. The thick sheet of gold in the jewelry can be fifty to one-hundred thousands of times more abundant than any that is gold plate.

When jewelry is considered to be gold filled it must have a gold content of at the very least one over twenty in the weighing process of jewelry.

During the 1830s to early, the 1900s gold filled jewelry was trendy.

The items were always being manufactured in large amounts.

Around that time gold was scares although the commodities in the jewelry industry still were in high demand. Gold-filled items are durable. The gold in them can last anywhere from five years to fifty years depending on their treatment over time.

Most antique elements that are ful of gold are most valuable that what is similar to the typical 10k solid gold. Antique gold filled jewelry typically have the thickest sheets of gold making those items have more gold content.

Gold filled can also be called as 1/20, 12k, GF and rolled gold jewelry. Pure gold or solid gold is a mixed of alloys to created the .999 gold with different karat values. Keep in mind that 10k gold is at least amount value of gold. Actual gold is very soft precious metal, so alloys that are mixed with the gold gives the soft gold strength.