1. Fantastic People

    “Fantastic people, very friendly and fair.”…Read More

    Kris Kloc
  2. I’m Rich

    “Woo hoo! I’m rich!”…Read More

    Lynette Raya Brown
  3. Great

    Do I look happy? I thought I’d get around $75…actually got $386.…Read More

    Veronica Galindo
  4. You’ll Leave With a Friend Too!

    If you need a little help, got gold jewelry…bring it in. You’ll leave with a friend too!…Read More

    Mary (Granny) Wise
  5. Won’t go anywhere else

    Nicest people I’ve met yet when it comes to exchanging my mismatched gold for money. Now I won’t go anywhere else. Thanks Guys…Read More

    Brenda Ingersoll