1. Trump

    Gold Rises After Trump Cancels Summit

    One week after hitting its lowest point of 2018, gold surged back over the $1,300 mark on Thursday. The increase comes after United States President Donald Trump canceled a planned summit earlier in the day. Stocks are moving wildly now that President Trump will not meet with North Korean leader Kim…Read More

  2. Global Events

    Global Events Cause Lowered Gold Value

    Global events continue to affect the value of gold. As tensions lower between economic powers China and the United States, so does the price of gold. In recent days gold’s value saw a nice increase as fear of a trade war grew. Increased tariffs from both the United States government and the Chines…Read More

  3. Trump

    Gold Rises As Trump Settles Into The White House

    President Trump has set forth policies deemed questionable by others. However, the price of gold and gold futures continue to rise. This gain is the fastest gold has gone up since back in June. With the uncertainty of whether or not U.S trade agreements will remain the same, it has made gold more de…Read More