1. Gold price

    Gold Price Could Rise as Dollar Weakens

    For the past two months straight, gold has seen a decline in its price. However, the precious metal looks like it might shrug off its steady decline and rise back up in 2019 as the dollar weakens. Gold looks as though it should rebound in the final quarter of 2018 to average around $1,375 per ounce …Read More

  2. political tension

    Political Tensions Lessen Causing Gold Prices to Drop

    On Thursday, gold prices dipped in response to a decline in worldwide political tensions. This separated a string of gains for four consecutive sessions. Spot gold XAU was down to $1,347.60 per oz (down 0.1 percent) by 1240 GMT. Meanwhile, U.S. gold futures GCcv1 was at $1,350.80 per oz (down 0.2 pe…Read More

  3. New Year

    Gold Bringing In the New Year With High Numbers

    Gold is gaining momentum as the new year continues, which was necessary after the dips during the U.S. presidential election. The precious metal kept dropping in price after Donald Trump was elected president. It also issued an upturn on the dollar, stocks, and financial assets deemed risky. The Fed…Read More

  4. gold is on the rise

    Is Gold On The Cusp Of A Big Rally?

    The first people to melt gold were the ancient Egyptians in circa 3,600 BC. Gold jewelry came about a thousand years later after goldsmiths of ancient Mesopotamia created a headdress for a burial. The headdress was made from carnelian beads and gold pendants shaped like leaves.¬†Some major¬†worldwid…Read More