1. california

    California Pawnshops Warn People Of Gold Scam

    In California, a pawnshop is warning others of a new scam occurring in the San Joaquin Valley. People in need are selling jewelry to others claiming it to be real jewelry, but in reality, is brass. While trying to resale the jewelry at pawnshops, they are being turned away. However, it seems to be a…Read More

  2. California

    Facts About the California Gold Rush

    It all started in California, in 1848 when crew members working in a mill spotted a tiny gold nugget in the American River. Off the bank of the river, the crew we able to find even more small pieces in the soil. When the news hit about the find, people fall all over packed up their homes and set out…Read More

  3. gold

    10 Interesting Facts About Gold

    Gold is more than just for investment purposes or having a backup plan for if the economy collapses again. Although gold is one of the best things to invest in and will protect you in many cases, did you know there was a time when gold was fun just to have and an adventure to look for in places all …Read More