Have you ever wondered how much those silver pieces that are collecting dust in your home are worth? If you are like most people, it is likely you have some silver items that are either unused or unwanted and are taking up space or collecting dust. Sterling silver is valuable in today’s precious metals market, and now is the time to take advantage of the current highs and sell your silver for cash! If you have unwanted or unused silver, it can quickly be turned into cash by finding the right silver buyer.

The Gold and Silver Exchange is one of the leading sterling silver buyers in Grand Rapids. We also have become one of the best online silver buyers, purchasing silver from various clients throughout the nation. Whether you want to figure out if your silver is real, how much its worth, or whether it is solid, plated, or weighted, our local silver buyers can evaluate your pieces and offer competitive market price for your unwanted or unused silver items. If you have unwanted silver jewelry, silver flatware, silver bullions, or other sterling silver items, get cash for them quickly at The Gold and Silver Exchange.  

Facts About Silver

Its strength, durability, and reflectivity make silver a common metal used to manufacture jewelry, coins, flatware, and so much more. Silver is high in demand right now, making it the perfect time to sell silver online or in-store at The Gold and Silver Exchange. Check out some other interesting facts about silver:

  • The price of silver has fluctuated dramatically over the last century, climbing as demand for the precious metal is increased.
  • Until 1964, all United States dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins contained 90 percent silver.
  • Silver was the first precious metal used as a form of currency more than 4,000 years ago.
  • Sterling silver is a metal used in the creation of jewelry, flatware, and other common items.

Why Sell Your Sterling Silver to The Gold and Silver Exchange

The currency market for silver is notoriously volatile. However, right now sterling silver is selling for some of the best prices in the past decade. At The Gold and Silver Exchange, we offer free silver evaluations to determine how much your unwanted, unneeded, or broken silver pieces are. Unlike pawn shops and other unreputable gold and silver buyers, our silver buying process is upfront, honest, and transparent so you can rest assured you are getting paid competitive prices for your belongings. When you sell your silver to The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can guarantee you will be included in the appraisal process. Check out a few reasons to choose The Gold and Silver Exchange over local silver buyers and other mail-in cash for silver services.

Higher payouts

When you sell sterling silver at The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can get more cash for your unused, unwanted, or broken pieces! Our years of silver buying experience enables us to properly evaluate your items and offer honest, accurate, and competitive cash for silver payouts! Don’t get ripped off by buyers who often pay less than 20 percent of the value for your silver. The Gold and Silver Exchange offers higher payouts for all types of sterling silver, including sterling silver jewelry, silver flatware, silver coins, silver bullions, and other silver items.

Honest and Professional Silver Buyers

The satisfaction of our clients and customers is one of our top priorities. Unlike most silver buyers, our team takes the time to carefully evaluate each piece closely to offer our customers the highest payouts. We include you in the appraisal process, answering any questions along the way, and providing our clients with a free estimate for their sterling silver. Other silver purchasers may rip you off, paying you less than what your silver items are actually worth.

Quick payment

When you walk into one of our three store locations with sterling silver to sell, you can get cash for silver in just a matter of minutes!  We are proud to offer quick and instant payments for customers who are looking to sell their silver belongings. Even for out-of-town clients, we offer free FedEx shipping and will send a check the same day the payment offer is accepted! With The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can get cash for sterling silver quickly, efficiently, and without any hassle.

Get Money For Your Sterling Silver Today!

It is likely that you have unneeded, unused, or broken silver pieces in your home. Instead of letting them collect dust and take up space, why not sell them for cash? The Gold and Silver Exchange is one of the best places that buy gold and silver! We make the sterling silver buying process simple and hassle-free while ensuring our clients are paid an honest and accurate price for each of their items. Whether you want to sell sterling silver online or in-store, the friendly diamond silver buyers at The Gold and Silver Exchange are ready to help! If you have any sterling silver items you want to sell, contact our team for a free consultation.