When the jewelry in your collection is no longer worn or wanted, why not try making money for them? Finding someone to buy jewelry can be a challenge, let alone finding someone who is trustworthy and will pay a reasonable price. From buyers that aren’t reputable, to ones that aren’t clear or honest about pricing, there are multiple reasons why people will choose not to sell diamond rings, gold bracelets, and other types of jewelry to avoid getting ripped off.

At The Gold and Silver Exchange, we make the process of selling jewelry, watches, and other pieces simple, profitable, and satisfying for our customers. Our friendly jewelry buyers will purchase any previously owned jewelry items in return for instant payment. Our goal is to educate you on the items you are wanting to sell so that you are better enabled to make an informed and educated decision on whether or not you should go through with selling your gold or diamond jewelry. Whether you are selling an engagement ring, antique estate jewelry, or other fine pieces, you can rely on The Gold and Silver Exchange to purchase jewelry at a reasonable price.

Why Sell Your Jewelry to The Gold and Silver Exchange

When you are looking to sell diamond jewelry, trust and reliability can make a huge difference. At The Gold and Silver Exchange, we keep our jewelry process as simple and upfront as possible to make it easy as possible for our customers. Our experienced jewelry buyers will personally handle and evaluate your jewelry, walking you through the entire review and cash offer process. When you choose to sell your jewelry to us instead of other buyers, your overall experience will not only be better, you’ll be entitled to some great benefits as well.

Higher payouts

When you sell your jewelry at The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can get more cash for jewelry! Our teams experience in jewelry buying enables us to properly evaluate your items and offer honest, accurate, and competitive cash for jewelry payouts! Unlike most jewelry stores, we offer high payouts for diamond jewelry, as well as gold jewelry and other fine pieces. Our diamond and gold jewelry buyers have the experience and resources that a traditional cash for jewelry store clerk or chain store may not.


Friendly and professional jewelry buyers

Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority at The Gold and Silver Exchange. Unlike most diamond buyers, our team takes the time to carefully evaluate each item to offer our customers the highest payouts. We take the time to explain our diamond buying process, answering any questions along the way, and providing our customers with a free estimate for their items. Don’t get ripped off by an uneducated buyer, get more cash for jewelry at The Gold and Silver Exchange!


Same-day payment

When you walk into one of our three store locations with jewelry to sell, you can walk out with cash in just a matter of minutes! We are proud to offer instant payments to our customers. Even for out-of-town clients, we offer free FedEx shipping and will send a check the same day our offer is accepted! With The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can get cash for jewelry fast!


Get Money For Your Jewelry Today!

When you are ready to sell your jewelry to an honest and reputable buyer, choose The Gold and Silver Exchange! We make the jewelry buying process simple and hassle-free while ensuring our clients are paid an honest and accurate price. Whether you want to sell jewelry online or in-store, the friendly jewelry buyers at The Gold and Silver Exchange are ready to help!