1. dubai

    Dubai Gold Rates Cheapest In The World

    On Monday, October 23th, 2017 the Dubai gold market had offered more bargains on it old prices. Their gold rates were at its lowest level in over fifteen days. Customers were buying left and right for such a great bargains. In mid-morning on Monday the precious yellow metal spot price decreased to $…Read More

  2. gold rates

    Gold Rates Could Increase To $1,400

    Early September 2017 Gold rates went above $1,300 mark and had been steadily raising. Due to the recent rises in the precious yellow metal, there has been tension between the United States and North Korea in the market place. United States stock market experts are predicting for gold rates to increa…Read More

  3. gold filled

    Gold Filled: What Does It Mean?

    Unfortunately, gold filled jewelry is misunderstood in the gold and silver industry. Many people even some jewelers will compare gold filled, and gold-plated when they have different values. This particular jewelry is more valuable than any plated gold jewelry. The difference is in the numbers. Rega…Read More

  4. gold prices

    Gold Prices See One-Month Increase

    The gold prices have cut current gains in the United States dollar value bringing it just slightly higher. The increase in gold came after bullion increase as well to a one-month high as the political uncertainty in the U.S. As for the prior week the United States increase sentiment got ahead of the…Read More

  5. sadly

    Sadly, Gold Has Gone Back Down

    Sadly, gold had fallen to its lowest price in almost six weeks! This drop is due to a large sell order, and an even stronger dollar hit sentiment on Monday. Spot gold is now down to .94 percent at $1244.61at an ounce. Spot gold since so far has dropped as far as $1236.46, which has been the lowest s…Read More

  6. California

    Facts About the California Gold Rush

    It all started in California, in 1848 when crew members working in a mill spotted a tiny gold nugget in the American River. Off the bank of the river, the crew we able to find even more small pieces in the soil. When the news hit about the find, people fall all over packed up their homes and set out…Read More

  7. Facts

    13 Interesting Silver Facts

    Lots of people usually invest in silver or wear it as jewelry, but there is way more to silver than you think. Listed below is ten facts silver. Interesting Silver Facts Silver is another type of precious metal and has been around for thousands of years. In the English language, there is no word tha…Read More

  8. gold

    10 Interesting Facts About Gold

    Gold is more than just for investment purposes or having a backup plan for if the economy collapses again. Although gold is one of the best things to invest in and will protect you in many cases, did you know there was a time when gold was fun just to have and an adventure to look for in places all …Read More

  9. time to Cash in gold

    Now May Be The Time To Cash In Your Gold

    It may be time to cash in your gold! Investors that have been riding higher gold prices for the past couple of months may soon consider cashing out. Gold has increased by 9% already this year, almost doubling S&P 500's performance. However, the change is after the precious metal gave us 12% bac…Read More

  10. Silver Is Outperforming Gold

    Four Reasons Silver Is Outperforming Gold In 2017

    Precious metals are off to a running start at the beginning of 2017, as both silver and gold returns are ahead of the S&P 500. However, the silver market is in the lead so far, with almost double the growth of gold. Want to find out why silver is outperforming gold? Here's how the numbers are ad…Read More