1. russia gold

    Sanctions Have Russia In The Lead Gold Wise

    Russia was able to beat out China when it comes to being the world’s fifth largest official sector holder of gold. Due to Western sanctions. President Vladimir Putin supports the central bank betting heavy on bullion. Russia's buying went up in 2018 as holdings of U.S. Treasury securities went dow…Read More

  2. Humanium

    Humanium Metal Could Become More Precious Than Gold?

    Even though gold has been the reigning champ concerning precious metals for a long time, there is one nonprofit emerging that sees a new metal, perhaps far more precious than gold. This metal, literally, saves lives. A metal derived from melting seized, illegal firearms, Humanium Metal is a part of …Read More

  3. Goldex

    Goldex Creates New Trading App for Gold

    Today, it seems there's an app for anything. Need a ride somewhere? There's Uber or Lyft. Want to pre-order your fast food? Most major companies have their app to make your fast food even faster. Now, there's a trading app by Goldex that says it powers an "ethical pricing" for direct gold investment…Read More

  4. Friday

    Friday Saw Gold Rise A Tad

    Friday was a good day for gold, as it was able to hit a one-week high. However, investors were worried about UK and Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa May plan for Brexit ran into a snag after key ministers from her government chose to resign. Also, eurosceptic lawmakers were doing whatever they could t…Read More

  5. rise in gold

    Rise In The Price Of Gold Over The Week

    On Wednesday, we saw a rise in gold prices as the U.S. mid-term was underway. Spot gold prices were up 0.4 percent, coming in at $1,230.68 per ounce. Gold futures we able to climb up 0.5 percent as well. Unfortunately, the dollar index fell over half a percent. Doing so made bullion look better for …Read More

  6. Gold Market

    Gold Market in Trouble After Increase in U.S. Jobs

    The gold market in the United States is under a little selling pressure following the surprisingly strong employment data recently released in the states. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 250,000 jobs found their way into the economy just last month. According to economists, the exp…Read More

  7. gold debt

    Could A Bank Panic Happen Here?

    Last week, the Greek government declared a "bank holiday". Simply stated, they closed all the country's banks. Bank customers understandingly are scared and tried to withdraw their money, creating a panic. No customer has access to their money regardless of how much they have in their bank account. …Read More

  8. Tips For Buying Estate Jewelry

    When it is time to add a piece of jewelry collection, you don’t always have to buy new pieces. In fact, you should consider adding antique or estate jewelry to your collection. Unlike some newer pieces, estate jewelry offers a large variety of styles to fit any personality and any budget. jewelry.…Read More

  9. facts

    Facts On Gold And How It Came To Be

    Below are a few facts people may not know when it comes to gold. Though many are interested in the precious metal, they might not know it's origins. Gold is one of if not the first, metal used by humans. The oldest artifacts that are known to be gold come from the Thracian civilization that is is pr…Read More

  10. Reasons To Buy Previously Owned Jewelry

    When it comes to buying jewelry, many people know that choosing pre-owned jewelry is an simple way to keep more money in your wallet. However, there are plenty of other great reasons why buying pre-owned jewelry is something that can be considered. In this blog, we are going to go over some reasons …Read More