1. pawnshops

    Pawnshops In Cali See Spike In Fake Gold

    Another pawnshop out in California is wanting to warn others of a jewelry scam that involves fakes gold that not only looks real but feels real as well. Those who work at Loyalty Pawn in Roseville, Ca., say that customers have been coming in with fake gold given to them or sold to them from a "stran…Read More

  2. nugget

    Nugget Weiging 4.2 Ounces Found In Scotland

    According to one gold-hunter, he was able to find the UK's largest gold nugget. The nugget weighs 4.28 ounces and was in a Scotland river. The precious metal, which many call "The Reunion Nugget" was discovered in by the treasure hunter. The gold-hunter claims to have found the UK's largest gold nug…Read More

  3. smuggling

    Smuggling Gold In India Is Big Business, Here’s The Facts

    Many don't know, but India is the world's largest consumer of gold. Time and time again, people try their luck with smuggling gold out of the country. Back in 2013, there was a high tax or duty introduced to the country. The reason for the new tax hike was in a jurisdiction with the government tryin…Read More

  4. Gold

    Gold and Silver Prices Fall Sharply

    Gold and silver prices fall sharply in Indian markets, tracking a decline in global markets. On MCX, August gold futures fell 0.50% to ₹34,347 per 10 gram while October contracts declined 0.6% to ₹35,206. Silver contracts saw a sharper fall, with September contracts on MCX declining nearly 1% to…Read More

  5. gold prices

    Gold Trades at Discount Price in India

    High gold prices prompt some Asian consumers to sell back physical gold this week in a hunt for profits. Cheaper silver emerges as a preferred investment. Some investors use temporary price dips to buy, hoping to cash in on a further leg up. Demands remain sluggish in India as prices hold at record …Read More

  6. Gold Prices

    Market Technician States Gold Prices Will Continue to Rise

    For gold, it's time to shine. At least, that's what market technicians are saying, and investors are loving it. Higher gold prices have been long overdue, and with tensions rising as we head towards having a new president, prices are going to be all over the place for some time. Gold prices have gai…Read More

  7. China

    Gold Gains on U.S-China Trade

    There was an increase in gold prices on Friday. There were doubts that the highly anticipated meeting between the United States and China would ease trade tensions, driving bullion to its best month in three-years. Gold has risen nearly 8.3% so far this month, on track for its biggest monthly percen…Read More

  8. Gold

    Gold is Nearing 14-Month High

    Concerns about China's economy and tensions in the Middle East push investors into safe-haven assets on Friday. Gold prices are continuing to climb. The most-actively traded U.S. contract increased 0.1% to $1,344.50 a troy ounce. The rise accelerated after the National Bureau of Statistics released …Read More

  9. Gold

    U.S. Owns the Most Gold in the World

    If you're searching for a central bank full of gold, begin in Germany and the U.S. According to a data analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The U.S. owns the most gold of any country. The U.S.'s supply of gold equals 8,133 tonnes, worth more than $373 billion. Germany is in second, w…Read More

  10. India

    Gold Prices in India Switch to Premium

    Due to firmer demand in the domestic market, gold prices in India flipped into premiums this week. Buyers in top consumer China took advantage of lower bullion prices and increased purchases. Dealers charge a premium of about $1 an ounce over official domestic prices in India. That contrasts with la…Read More