baked by melissa

For Valentine’s Day, your honey can purchase you a mini-cupcakes that have edible gold frosting. These limited edition chocolate-on-chocolate treats comes with a topping made from 24 karat gold. Baked by Melissa is offering these limited time cupcakes that come in a pack of 25 that have three different flavors.

The Chocolate Red Velvet cakes will have subtle gold features. The cupcakes are made with red velvet cake with a chocolate icing and tiny gold heart sprinkles. The Red Rose cupcakes are chocolate cakes with a sweet Dulce de Leche filling. On top of the treats are a red vanilla icing that’s swirled in the shape of a rose.

The Chocolate Red Velvet also has a subtle golden feature. Made with red velvet cake and topped with chocolate icing, the cupcake is then made complete with a tiny gold heart sprinkle. The Red Rose cupcakes are also made with chocolate cake but are then stuffed with a sweet Dulce de Leche filling and decorated with a red vanilla icing that’s swirled in the shape of an intricate rose.

Currently, the batches are going for $57 each. If you order them now, they will be ready for delivery on Feb 14. Her store ships to all 50 states.

However, the bakery is only making 100 of these exclusive Valentine boxes. That’s why the boxes are limited edition. There’s an extra element that makes them special is that Melissa will be baking all 100 batches. For those looking for a less expenisive gift, her shop will be selling cupcake package that are more affordable For example, the standard 25-pack will comes with six flavors that include Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Cookies&Cream, Red Velvet, Dulce de Leche, Vanilla&Sprinkles, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Though they will go for $37, they do not come with the gold.

So, if any of this interests you, be sure sure to put in your order as soon as possible.