If you’re searching for a central bank full of gold, begin in Germany and the U.S.

According to a data analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), The U.S. owns the most gold of any country.

The U.S.’s supply of gold equals 8,133 tonnes, worth more than $373 billion.

Germany is in second, with 3,369 tonnes, worth over $154 billion.

The IMF itself holds the third-most at 2,814 tonnes, worth more than $129 billion. Although the IMF isn’t an actual country, it placed itself in the ranking.

Other countries are possibly catching up to the U.S. Russia, and China ranks sixth and seventh. However, according to the IMF, they are also some of the most aggressive buyers in recent years.

Amid a possible U.k. exit from the European Union, or Brexit, those countries have had concerns about relying on the dollar as a reserve currency as well as holding European currencies. Uncertainties in other countries has also caused tension.