spot gold

Spot gold was able to rise 0.2 percent this week, coming in at $1,346.96 an ounce. However, on Tuesday, the price went down 0.6 percent, one of the biggest one-day declines since the 15th. Gold futures for the month of April were able to go up 0.3 percent, coming in at $1,346.20 an ounce.

With there being worries about tighter regulations from those at Wall Street, shares in Asia went down. There have also been talks about the U.S. and intellectual property theft. The U.S. and China were going toe to toe at the World Trade Organisation over tariffs.

Raphael Bostic, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta was apart of a contentious debate on Tuesday. The discussion occurred at the U.S. central bank. They were debating on whether or not to replace the 2 percent inflation target. If a lot of growth occurs, then the inflations that are to happen in the Eurozone will still be lower.

Spot Gold On The Up and Up

Since January, those who utilize the euro have lost economic sentiment. There has not been any economic growth for any of those countries.
On Tuesday, Theresa May, the British Prime Minister put in a call for a long-term response for the West, when it comes to the Russian security threat. A double agent working for the country was poisoned while in England.

Holdings for SPDR Gold Trust dropped 0.14 percent 846.12 tonnes on Tuesday. Before, it was at 847.30 tonnes. It was also noted on Tuesday that net gold imports from China fell 35.5 percent during the month of February.

In other precious metals news, silver was able to go up 0.25 percent, coming in at $16.30 an ounce. However, platinum came up short, falling 0.3 percent at $928.50 an ounce. It was, at one point, $922.30, the weakest it’s been since last December. Platinum has been on a 5.4 percent decline for the month of March. Palladium saw it’s share of losses coming in 2.1 percent lower at $945.74 an ounce.