rare gold coin

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army’s red kettle campaign brings in a lot of donations. However, a rare gold coin found in one of the kettles in Texas will be sure to brighten the spirits of many.

At a Houston Walmart, someone left a rare coin in a kettle that was worth at least 28 times its face value. Texas County Food Pantry Director Laura Crowley says that there was a sticky note wrapped around the coin that said Merry Christmas.

They almost didn’t see the $50 rare gold coin. According to Crowley, she was going to deposit the coin for $50. However, her husband suggested that she had someone look at the coin.

That’s when Crowley went to a local pawnshop. Frank Renegar, the owner of Double R Pawn, says that he rarely sees gold coins in his shop.

To her surprise, the coin was worth $1,400.

Crowley says that she was in disbelief! She says that it was exciting for her because she works for the Salvation Army and knows how much it would impact people.

Texas County was able to surpass it their gold of raising $18,000 by raising close $20,000. Crowley says that 85% of the money will stay in their county.

Though there are rules on how they can distribute the money, Crowley says that they give cash often to those in need. One woman, Cindy Bobe, says that money from the Salvation Army was able to help her pay her rent and keep her heat on.

A kind gesture, such as leaving a rare gold coin in a kettle, can do so much for those going without. According to Crowley, they don’t want to know who the donor is. They are happy with the fact that someone in their community thought to donate such a precious gift