10x10 today, the gold and silver exchange

As gold continues to hover at a price that’s almost 10 times the amount it was 10 years ago, (10 x10) people are still coming from everywhere to The Gold and Silver Exchange stores to take advantage of the historical prices.

In January of 2004, Gold was at 375.00/oz. Today gold is at $1306.30/oz.

Will it hold it’s price forever, or recede back to the days of old? Since no one has a crystal ball, all anyone can do is offer their best guess, and yours is just as good as anyone’s. But, the fact is that we have customers that drive to see us from Standale to Stanton, Muskegon to Middleville, Greenville to Grandville; from Hudsonville to Holland, Wayland to Zeeland… and everywhere in between. No kidding! People are selling.

The gold rush is STILL on, and you can get historically high amounts for you every day, even unwanted gold jewelry. And what about that class ring that’s been sitting in the drawer for decades?? Class rings are one of the most common items we see in our stores, because even though they’re usually (but not always) made of 10K gold, they have WEIGHT, and that means they tend to ‘out-pay’ more traditionally expensive kinds of rings or earrings. Dig yours out, bring it in, and you’ll see.