Another pawnshop out in California is wanting to warn others of a jewelry scam that involves fakes gold that not only looks real but feels real as well.

Those who work at Loyalty Pawn in Roseville, Ca., say that customers have been coming in with fake gold given to them or sold to them from a “stranded” driver. Jenna Lupi and her family were victims of the scam and say to “trust your gut.” More times then none, if it doesn’t feel right, Lupi says that it most likely is not.

Lupi and her family were at the Dutch Flat gas station off of Interstate 80 on their way, looking for Christmas trees. Out of now, where, a man flagged down the family. Lupi says that she and her family were thinking he may be lost.

Pawnshops Seeing Spike InĀ  Fake Jeweler

However, while speaking to Lupi’s husband, he was saying that he was in need of gas and didn’t have any cash on him. His family was in the car at the time. According to the man, they were on vacation when he couldn’t find his debit card.

Though hesitant, Lupi’s husband gave the man some money. As a thank you for the deed, the man gave him a gold ring. Lupi says she knew something was right about the exchange and came to the Loyalty Pawnshop to see it there was any worth to the ring. Of course, the ring was a fake.

Ryan Hall, a worker at Loyalty Pawn, says that these stories are heartbreaking because people are just trying to do someone a favor out of the kindness of their hearts.

A big clue to the item not being real is the quality of the stamp or lack of stamp. Also, go with to the nearest jewelry store or pawn shop with the person and have them check out the item.