According to one gold-hunter, he was able to find the UK’s largest gold nugget. The nugget weighs 4.28 ounces and was in a Scotland river. The precious metal, which many call “The Reunion Nugget” was discovered in by the treasure hunter.

The gold-hunter claims to have found the UK’s largest gold nugget, weighing a hefty 121.3 grams (4.28 ounces), in a Scottish river. The metal lump, found in two pieces and dubbed “The Reunion Nugget,” was discovered by a treasure hunter in May. They were able to prove that the nugget was from Scotland. It was able to surpass the “Douglas Nugget,” which weighs 85.7 grams. It was the reigning champ for being the largest golden nugget since 2016 in the UK.

Gold Nugget Found In Scotland Worth Thousands, However Scotland Will Keep It!

One author though, Lee Palmer, has been writing a book on the origins of gold in the UK. While speaking to CNN, he says that the anonymous gold-hunter came to him about his findings. The prospector was able to discover the nugget using a metal technique “sniping.” Sniping is when on scrapes the crevices at the bottom of the river.

According to Palmer, both of the nuggets fit together as if they were broken apart. He says the nugget may have been broken due to glacial damage or a rock strike.

However, if the nugget came from a museum, it would be difficult to determine where it came from. Gold nuggets in this form come from one isotope in nature. Palmer says the only way to check where a piece of gold his from is to locate the impurities in the gold, and that isn’t an easy process. When it comes to Scottish gold ownership laws, there are enormous complications. Most of the gold falls under the ownership of Scotland’s estate.