A janitor in South Korea struck Gold Thursday, May 3th after finding gold in a trash can. They took the term “digging for gold” serious!

According to reports, the janitor was in the middle of doing his route, when he went to lift a bin that was remarkably heavy. The anonymous cleaner was able to find 7 kilos of gold bars in the bin. That number equals out to being $325,000 worth of gold.

Local reports say that the gold bars were wrapped in newspaper, and they each were 1 kilogram a piece. The location of the find was at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. In Yuan, they are worth $325 million.

Janitor in South Korea Finds Trash Bin With 7 Gold Bars inside

The Yonhap New Agency was able to find out the bars belong to another man in Korea. Two men working for owner chose to ditch the gold instead of handing over to customs. They were under the impression that it might be confiscated.

There is good news for the janitor if even if the owner does claim the 7 kilos of gold. In Korea, for such instances, the finder receives between 5 to 20% in what they call a finder fee. It’s amazing that the man was at work and go home with money in his pockets.

Even if the owner comes back to claim their gold, the janitor will receive between $16,250 and $65,000. The numbers are in junction with the law in South Korea. However, if any of the gold is found to be illegal, he will not receive any money for the items.

The janitor had to be smiling ear to ear when he came in for work the next day. It doesn’t matter if anyone thanks him for turning in the gold, because either way, he has a treasure trove for himself waiting.