gold buyer is important, the gold and silver exchange

Recently, Krista Sua of Greenville stopped by a nearby gold buying store with her jewelry items to see what they were worth. They offered her $60. On her way to that store, she had passed by our store and decided to get a second quote from us. In 5 minutes we were able to offer her $150 for those same items. That was 250% more!

Today’s gold price is $1,285.00 an ounce. To receive the equivalent of 250% more, the price of gold would have to rise to $4,500.00! So you can see why where you sell to is more important to you than gold’s price.

Would you drive from Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Muskegon or Holland to make an extra 250%? A lot of people do. Just be sure to always get the second quote when selling old gold items.