class rings rule, the gold and silver exchange

Just about more than any single item we see in our stores are class rings, and here’s why:

1. Class rings are heavy. Most are 10K, but some are even 14K. Weight means money. People can spend 5 times as much money buying an ordinary cocktail ring, for example, and it will have 1/4 the amount of gold that your class ring does. Class rings have more gold-for-the-buck than any other style ring.

2. We hear the same words over and over, “It’s just been sitting there in my drawer for decades, and I’m NEVER going to wear it again. Might as well put it to good use now!”

3. There is no other use or place to sell them. Unlike a diamond solitaire ring, class rings are specific to one school, and therefore, by design, have virtually no resale value as jewelry. Good thing for them they contain lots of gold!

Got a class ring just sitting there collecting dust? Come on it. Our 3 stores are spread out so as to be convenient for all of Kent, Ottawa, Macomb and Ionia Counties. So visit one our Grand Rapids, Greenville or Jenison locations and put your class ring to good use TODAY 🙂