In California, a pawnshop is warning others of a new scam occurring in the San Joaquin Valley. People in need are selling jewelry to others claiming it to be real jewelry, but in reality, is brass.

While trying to resale the jewelry at pawnshops, they are being turned away. However, it seems to be an ongoing scam.
According to one store manager, Richard Dahlgren, within the last month, they have seen a lot of customers coming in with the gold plated brass jewelry.

California Pawnshops See More Gold Scams

Here how the scam works: You may be at a parking lot, and someone approaches you claiming to be in need. They may say that they need to feed their hungry child or maybe that need some gas to back home. In these circumstances, they people may not ask for money right away. On the contrary, they offer to sell you what they say is gold in the form of jewelry, and at a reasonable price, claiming that you can make a profit off the item.

Dahlgren then says that you wind up giving them cash and come to him just find out that you bought brass. He says they trick you because the polish up the brass to make it look like golf. However, after sitting for some time, it’s actual color comes back.

Also, Dahlgren preforms acid test on the items, and brass will turn green. But if you don’t have acid yourself, there is another way to test if the item is actually gold or brass. Sniff the piece. Gold, its self, has no odor, whereas Brass has a chemical smell to it.

It is also best to check for karat stamps on the gold clasp. If the stamp is there, you might be in the money, but if it’s not, it’s tall tell sign that the gold is not real.