ancient tombs

On Dec. 17, researchers were able to find two ancient tombs lined with gold with the bodies of a prince and princess in them in Pylos, Greece. The tombs, 3,500 years-old, had carved jewelry in them as well as human remains. As of now, it is only speculation that the tombs belong to royalty.

Since the analysis of the human bones in the tombs is ongoing, archaeologists can’t say how many bodies are in them or their sex and ages. Archaeologists were able to find the ancient tombs near another tomb that was found in 2015 in what researchers call the “Palace of Nestor.”

The tombs were found under 40,000 stones the size of watermelons. They were able to determine that covers were a means to protect the tombs from grave robbers.

While excavating the tombs, researchers were able to find a heap of gold leaf that had come from the walls of the tomb. Not only were the walls made from gold, but they were also able to ding a gold ring depicting two bulls surrounded by sheave of barley.

Archaeologists and researchers were able to find a gold pendant in the tomb that depicts the Egyptian goddess Hathor. According to researchers, she was the Egyptians protectress of the dead. There were many artifacts in the tomb made of gold, amethyst, amber, and carnelians. They are all in the analyzing process. The artifacts will help the researchers catch a glimpse of what life was like 3,500 years ago. Though amethyst came from Egypt, the amber came from Baltic.

Researchers will continue to work in the area, digging up whatever they can for the next two years. However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more golden tombs are found within that time frame. Many look forward to their findings.