In a world full of constantly changing trends, fads, and fashions, it can be difficult to find the right jewelry pieces to fit your current style and budget. Fortunately, estate rings, necklaces, and other antique jewelry offer a unique and classic solution. From the natural motifs in gold and silver in Victorian jewelry to the light, graceful, and elegant design of Edwardian Engagement Rings, estate jewelry offers a wide selection of antique jewelry for just about any budget.

At The Gold and Silver Exchange, we sell quality pieces of antique jewelry online. From antique earrings, necklaces, vintage bracelets, and unique antique pendants. With new pieces being added often, we ensure that the estate jewelry and accessories that we sell online are not only remarkable but quality pieces as well.

What Exactly Is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term that is used to describe pieces of jewelry that have been previously owned. Generally, this jewelry is acquired from an estate — hence the name — or it is jewelry that possesses an antique or vintage nature. Antique jewelry is typically one hundred years old or older, while vintage jewelry can refer to jewelry from past decades and eras. This unique type of jewelry really encompasses pieces that are higher end and feature exquisite workmanship and high-quality stones, and typically is one of a kind. Most estate jewelry pieces are replaced,  which is why some pieces command a higher market value for both buying and selling. However, you still can find plenty of affordable antique jewelry pieces that are just as unique and sophisticated as others.

Periods of Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is representative of trends of a given era. One era varies from another, as each time period has distinct characteristics that help identify the jewelry. Here’s a quick look at the design eras most buyers look for:

Georgian Jewelry (1714-1835)

Generally known as the oldest era of estate jewelry, Georgian jewelry is very rare and was typically handmade using gold and silver in a time period from 1714 to the mid-1830s. Most designs were likely inspired by nature, as trees, flowers, leaves, and animals were common motifs.

Victorian Jewelry (1837-1901)

The Victorian era, named after the period where Queen Victoria ruled England, was an era of prosperity and the rise of industrialization and the middle class. In the early Victorian era,  jewelry was often intricate and delicate, including pieces like pearls, amethysts, and gold-set garnets. In the late Victorian era, diamonds and bright gemstones became popular pieces. Today, many buyers are interested in Victorian engagement rings.

Edwardian Jewelry (1900-1915)

The Edwardian period spanned the ruling of King Edward VII. Estate jewelry from this period typically consists of elaborate designs, complex engravings, and features high-end gems such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Vintage Edwardian engagement rings are typically the most popular piece from this period.

Art Nouveau Jewelry (1895-1910)

Although the era overlapped with the Victorian and Edwardian periods and was fairly short, the Art Nouveau made an impact on the history of jewelry design. Many of the pieces from this era were inspired by art, nature, and romance. Most estate jewelry from the Art Nouveau Era have curves and other natural designs. Art Nouveau rings and brooches are some of the most popular items from this period.

Art Deco Jewelry (1920-1935)

Jewelry became more stylish and sophisticated in the 1930’s and the age of the Art Deco. Jewelry from this era was more abstract and included geometric features with influences from cubism and Dadaism. Out of the various era’s of estate jewelry, pieces from the Art Deco period are highly sought after and often come with the highest price tags on the market. At The Gold and Silver Exchange, we often come across beautiful vintage art deco jewelry, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Retro Jewelry (1940-1949)

Drawing much of its inspiration from Hollywood, Retro jewelry is colorful, bold, and elaborate. Many pieces from this era were large and many were often worn at once. Amethyst, aquamarine, sapphire, and rubies we all popularly featured stones. Retro jewelry pieces are often some of the estate jewelry that we sell!

As you can see, there are various pieces of estate jewelry that comes from different eras. If you are searching for antique jewelry for sale online, be sure to check out The Gold and Silver Exchanges online store!

Looking To Sell Estate Jewelry?

If you have any unwanted or unused estate or vintage jewelry, bring them into The Gold and Silver Exchange. We are always looking for fine estate jewelry as well as vintage, antique, and new jewelry pieces. Our experienced jewelry buyers will personally handle and evaluate your jewelry, walking you through the entire review and cash offer process. We offer higher payouts for jewelry pieces and same-day payment for items we purchase. If you have antique jewelry that you want to sell, contact our jewelry buyers today!