Diamonds. They are the summit of glitz, status, and refined elegance. For thousands of years, many people have been captivated by the beauty and awe of diamonds. From diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry, and loose diamond stones, there is nothing with more shine and shimmer.

While diamonds are certainly appealing, their price tag is often not. What’s worse, many of these major chain jewelry stores mark up their diamonds to double — or sometimes more. Whether you are looking to buy diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, or other diamond jewelry there are ways to save hundreds, often thousands, of dollars. Instead of getting overcharged at a jewelry store, find a reputable, local diamond seller that sells quality and certified diamond jewelry. You will not only save money on diamond rings and jewelry, you can also ensure that they are quality and authentic pieces. When it comes to Grand Rapids Jewelers, you can save money on diamonds at The Gold and Silver Exchange! When you buy diamonds at our store, you are likely to pay less than half the price you would at a fancy diamond store.

Why Buy Diamonds at The Gold and Silver Exchange

The Gold and Silver Exchange is one of the best diamond buyers in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Both online and in-store, customers sell us their unneeded or unwanted diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, loose stones, and other diamond jewelry. Our detailed diamond buying process ensures that we only buy quality pieces. We then sell these diamonds, helping customers find affordable engagement rings and other diamond jewelry.  Check out a few reasons to choose The Gold and Silver Exchange over local jewelry stores in Grand Rapids:

Quality Diamonds

All of the diamonds we sell are of high quality. Each piece of diamond jewelry we purchase goes through a thorough examination to determine the quality of the diamond, looking at its cut, clarity, color, and carat. We carry a diverse collection of certified diamond jewelry so that you can ensure the pieces you are getting are authentic.

Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

Major jewelry stores often double their prices on diamond engagement rings, making it difficult to get a beautiful ring at a decent price. However, when you buy diamond rings and other pieces from The Gold and Silver Exchange, you can save thousands of dollars and the same brands and quality of diamonds that you will find at your local jeweler — you can even save more than half of what you would pay there.

Friendly Diamond Sellers

At The Gold and Silver Exchange, our diamond sellers are friendly and helpful. Whether you are looking for a diamond wedding ring, a pair of diamond earrings, or loose stones, our experts will educate you on the different ways each piece is appraised, answering any questions that you may have along the way. Then, they will help you find pieces in the size, shape, style, and price range that you are searching for.  With years of experience buying and selling diamonds

Whether you plan on proposing soon or just need a gift for that special someone in your life, our diamond sellers will help you find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection of diverse, certified, and affordable diamond jewelry.

Save Money On Diamond Rings Today!

Don’t get ripped off on diamond rings by a jeweler who marks up their prices. Instead, shop for diamond jewelry at The Gold and Silver Exchange. Unlike major jewelry stores, we never pressure our customers into purchasing an item. Plus, we ensure that everything we sell is real and of high-quality. We will be sure to explain our appraisal process, so you have a clear understanding of diamond you are buying, answering any questions you have along the way. When you shop for diamonds at The Gold and Silver Exchange you get the same stone you would at any other store, only at half of the price!

Do you have diamond jewelry that you want to sell? We will buy any of your unwanted or unused diamond jewelry including diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond engagement rings, and even loose diamond stones. Contact our diamond buyers or stop by one of our three Michigan locations to receive a free consultation and evaluation.