1. gold bullion

    Gold Movement Through December

    Gold started off December with two back to back gains, which pushed the valuable metal above $1,830 an ounce on Wednesday. Is this activity the beginning of another bull run for gold, or is it merely recuperating following a drop a week ago? There is a blend of drivers supporting gold's short climb,…Read More

  2. Keeping Your Gold Investment Safe

    Concerns over the coronavirus are causing the price of gold to spike. Investors are taking advantage of this surge, but so are scammers.   Gold was trading at just below $1,650 on Tuesday. Jut a few weeks ago; it was above $1,688.60, this being the highest its been since 2013.  As the demand for …Read More

  3. gold scheme

    Gold Scheme Lands Woman Behind Bars

    A 38-year-old woman is now in jail after cheating another woman out of 1kg of gold bars. She did so with a fake investment scheme. On Thursday, the woman in the claim, Rachel Ann Fernandez, was convicted of the scheme on Thursday. She is to serve a seventh-month sentence. She was able to persuade a …Read More

  4. coronavirus

    Coronavirus Helping Gold To Rise

    On Thursday, gold prices were on the rise though there have been many worries about the economic impact of the coronavirus in China. However, the scare had made the safe-haven more appealing. Gold was able to go up 0.3% making it $1,581.75 per ounce and gold futures in the U.S. were able to go up 0.…Read More

  5. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein’s Face On World’s Smallest Gold Coin

    Many know Albert Einstein for all of his achievements when it comes to science. He is notoriously famous for coming up with E=MC2, which is one of the world's most famed equations. Now his face will be on a gold franc. Last week, the Swissmint came out with a new gold coin, the 1.4-franc gold coin. …Read More

  6. nanocrystals

    Nanocrystals Help Make Gold Denser And Lighter

    From the outside, it looks like your typical 18-carat gold nugget. However, it was produced in a lab and weighs only a fraction of what it should. The gold nanocrystals are held together by protein fibers, and polymer latex gives the gold a lower density. Nanocrystals and Gold Makes For A Denser Pre…Read More

  7. Iranian

    Iranian General’s Death Sends Gold To The Moon

    Gold has been on a high for some time, but nowhere as near as high as it's been. Gold rallied fast following an Iranian attack on U.S. forces. The incident occurred at two Iraqi bases. However, President Trump was able to confirm that there were no casualties. So, they pulled back. The reason for th…Read More

  8. rare gold coin

    Rare Gold Coin Found In Texas County

    During the holiday season, the Salvation Army's red kettle campaign brings in a lot of donations. However, a rare gold coin found in one of the kettles in Texas will be sure to brighten the spirits of many. At a Houston Walmart, someone left a rare coin in a kettle that was worth at least 28 times i…Read More

  9. ancient tombs

    Ancient Tombs Found To Be Lined With Gold

    On Dec. 17, researchers were able to find two ancient tombs lined with gold with the bodies of a prince and princess in them in Pylos, Greece. The tombs, 3,500 years-old, had carved jewelry in them as well as human remains. As of now, it is only speculation that the tombs belong to royalty. Since th…Read More

  10. pawnshops

    Pawnshops In Cali See Spike In Fake Gold

    Another pawnshop out in California is wanting to warn others of a jewelry scam that involves fakes gold that not only looks real but feels real as well. Those who work at Loyalty Pawn in Roseville, Ca., say that customers have been coming in with fake gold given to them or sold to them from a "stran…Read More