Gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullions come with a lot of intrinsic value. They are always worth their weight in precious metal contact, and if they are collectible, coins and bullions can be worth a whole lot more. If you are looking for a place to turn your gold and silver bullion and coins into cash, look no further than the Gold and Silver Exchange! With over ten years of experience buying and selling gold and silver, there is not a more reliable buyer to work with.

Whether you are looking for the value of your coins, need to know if your coins and bars are authentic, or if you just need to liquidate your coin collection, our professional coin and bullion buyers can help!

Why Sell Your Bullions and Coins to The Gold and Silver Exchange

Unlike other local bullion buyers and coin buyers, The Gold and Silver Exchange offers upfront and honest appraisals for gold and silver items. We buy silver and gold bullion and coins no matter their condition, purity, weight, or quantity. When it comes to bullions and coins, we don’t just weigh your coins and put them in the melting pot. Instead, we first determine their collectible value. If the value of an item is within the precious metal content, we will offer a fair and competitive payout for it. Cash for bullions and coins has never been so quick and simple!

Gold Bullions and Coins We Buy

The Gold and Silver Exchange buys all types of gold bullion and coins. As one of the best gold buyers Grand Rapids has trusted for many years, our team has become experts at determining the value of various types of gold, including bullions and coins, allowing us to offer the highest cash for gold value. Our payout rates are always above our competitions and we continually update our gold prices to ensure that our customers will be getting the best available deal.

Types of Gold We Buy and Sell

  • Gold bars
  • Gold coins
  • Canadian gold coins
  • Gold rounds
  • And much more!

Silver Bullions and Coins We Buy

If you have silver bullions or coins you can sell them for cash at The Gold and Silver Exchange! When you bring in your silver items for evaluation, we can purchase them on the spot, paying you with cash in just a matter of minutes. Whether you’re looking to sell a very small amount of silver coins or bullion, or you’ve got a large collection that has grown over the years, our expert silver buyers can help you out. We offer top dollar for precious metals, silver coins and bars and silver ingots.

Types of Silver We Buy and Sell

  • Silver Bars
  • Silver Coins
  • Pre-1970 Silver dollars, halves, quarters, and dimes.
  • Pre 1969 Canadian silver coins
  • Silver rounds
  • And much more!

Maybe you are ready to cash in an investment or perhaps you’re selling an inheritance. Or maybe you simply want to know the value of your items. Whatever your reason for selling gold and silver, the team at The Gold and Silver Exchange can help you determine the provenance of your coins and bullion and evaluate their value.

Get Money For Your Bullions and Coins Today!

If you need extra cash, don’t get ripped off by a gold and silver buyer who is only concerned about an item’s melt value. Instead, sell bullions and coins online or in-store at The Gold and Silver Exchange! The Gold and Silver Exchange is one of the best places that buy coins and bullions as well as sell them! We make the bullion and coin buying process simple and hassle-free while ensuring our clients are paid a competitive price for their times. Our experts can evaluate your items quickly and give you cash on the spot for coins and bullions that turn out to be of value. We make sure to include you in the evaluation process, ensuring you know what your items are worth. Whether you want to buy or sell coins and bullions online or in-store, the friendly gold and silver buyers at The Gold and Silver Exchange are ready to help! If you have any silver or gold bullions or coins that you are interested in selling, contact our team for a free consultation.