1. california

    California Pawnshops Warn People Of Gold Scam

    In California, a pawnshop is warning others of a new scam occurring in the San Joaquin Valley. People in need are selling jewelry to others claiming it to be real jewelry, but in reality, is brass. While trying to resale the jewelry at pawnshops, they are being turned away. However, it seems to be a…Read More

  2. dollar

    Dollar Rises As Gold Plummets For The Week

    The dollar was able to rise again after the Federal Reserve went on to allow another U.S. interest hike for the month. Gold continues to be sensitive to rates elevating and increasing the opportunity costs on bullion that is non-yielding. Spot gold was 0.2 percent lower around 1:32 p.m. EDT (1732 GM…Read More

  3. Trump

    Gold Rises After Trump Cancels Summit

    One week after hitting its lowest point of 2018, gold surged back over the $1,300 mark on Thursday. The increase comes after United States President Donald Trump canceled a planned summit earlier in the day. Stocks are moving wildly now that President Trump will not meet with North Korean leader Kim…Read More

  4. gold stocks

    Gold Stock Slide Continues

    The price of gold continues to take hits on the United States stock market. The gold stock dipped below $1,300 per ounce on Thursday. It’s the lowest point of 2018 so far. The downward trend began over a month ago in the middle of April. On April 11, gold's stock reached its point of the year. Sin…Read More

  5. crude oil

    Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, And The U.S. Dollar

    On Friday, gold and silver prices came in a bit higher in the market. As the U.S. dollar continues to decline, precious metals are on the up and up. There are signs that market bottoms are where they need to be. Since November of 2014, crude oil prices were above the 70 dollar mark. On Thursday, May…Read More

  6. janitor

    Janitor Finds 7 Gold Bars In Trash Bin

    A janitor in South Korea struck Gold Thursday, May 3th after finding gold in a trash can. They took the term "digging for gold" serious! According to reports, the janitor was in the middle of doing his route, when he went to lift a bin that was remarkably heavy. The anonymous cleaner was able to fin…Read More

  7. Gold Prices Drop Thursday

    Gold prices saw a slight drop on Thursday, April 12 for the first time in several days. Investors backed off the precious metal slightly amid a pair of potential moves from the United States. One factor in play Thursday came from President Donald Trump. President Trump indicated earlier this week th…Read More

  8. Global Events

    Global Events Cause Lowered Gold Value

    Global events continue to affect the value of gold. As tensions lower between economic powers China and the United States, so does the price of gold. In recent days gold’s value saw a nice increase as fear of a trade war grew. Increased tariffs from both the United States government and the Chines…Read More

  9. spot gold

    Spot Gold Rises For March

    Spot gold was able to rise 0.2 percent this week, coming in at $1,346.96 an ounce. However, on Tuesday, the price went down 0.6 percent, one of the biggest one-day declines since the 15th. Gold futures for the month of April were able to go up 0.3 percent, coming in at $1,346.20 an ounce. With there…Read More