1. tis garage sale season, the gold and silver exchange

    ‘Tis the (Garage Sale) Season!

    One of the more interesting things that take place in our stores beginning each spring and summer is the influx of customers coming in with goods they just bought at a garage sale. Our Greenville store will get folks from Rockford to Sand Lake. Our Jenison store will see folks cruising the garage sa…Read More

  2. class rings rule, the gold and silver exchange

    Class Rings Rule!

    Just about more than any single item we see in our stores are class rings, and here's why: 1. Class rings are heavy. Most are 10K, but some are even 14K. Weight means money. People can spend 5 times as much money buying an ordinary cocktail ring, for example, and it will have 1/4 the amount of gold …Read More

  3. 10x10 today, the gold and silver exchange

    Price that’s almost 10 times the amount it was 10 years ago

    As gold continues to hover at a price that’s almost 10 times the amount it was 10 years ago, (10 x10) people are still coming from everywhere to The Gold and Silver Exchange stores to take advantage of the historical prices. In January of 2004, Gold was at 375.00/oz. Today gold is at $1306.30/oz. …Read More

  4. Secret Santa

    Every year about this time, we begin to see a large number of people from Kent, Ottawa, Allegan and Ionia Counties and beyond make their way to one of our three stores. We have a large poster in our window saying, "Let us be your Secret Santa." And for many, we become just that. At a time when fin…Read More