1. gold debt

    Could A Bank Panic Happen Here?

    Last week, the Greek government declared a "bank holiday". Simply stated, they closed all the country's banks. Bank customers understandingly are scared and tried to withdraw their money, creating a panic. No customer has access to their money regardless of how much they have in their bank account. …Read More

  2. Tips For Buying Estate Jewelry

    When it is time to add a piece of jewelry collection, you don’t always have to buy new pieces. In fact, you should consider adding antique or estate jewelry to your collection. Unlike some newer pieces, estate jewelry offers a large variety of styles to fit any personality and any budget. jewelry.…Read More

  3. Reasons To Buy Previously Owned Jewelry

    When it comes to buying jewelry, many people know that choosing pre-owned jewelry is an simple way to keep more money in your wallet. However, there are plenty of other great reasons why buying pre-owned jewelry is something that can be considered. In this blog, we are going to go over some reasons …Read More

  4. The Benefits Of Selling Gold For Cash

    Gold never really goes out of style, and for good reason too. Gold jewelry, for example, is beautiful, dazzling, and wearer-friendly. Gold coins and bullions, on the other hand, have a lot of intrinsic value and can have a significant worth if they are collectible. Gold is a precious, highly-valued …Read More

  5. how much for olympic medals

    How Much Do Olympic Medals Go For?

    For the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, there will be more than 100 medal ceremonies for 15 different sports. There will be 260 sets of gold, silver and bronze medals being given out. However, how much are Olympic gold medals worth? Though the U.S. and other countries pay out cash for winners, the a…Read More

  6. lowest gold levels

    Lowest Gold Levels For 2018

    On Thursday, 2018 saw it's lowest gold levels so far. However, the U.S. dollar has been on a high for six weeks now. Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was in his second day of testimony on Capitol Hill. He was speaking on inflation, and how strengthening the labor market can occur with…Read More

  7. Gold Value

    Gold Value Drops as Dollar Rises

    Gold value and value of the U.S dollar continue to move as we enter March. However, only one is moving in the right direction. The U.S. dollar is seeing it’s most significant increase since 2017’s third quarter. Along with the steady climb of the dollar, gold value has also gone steadily. Howeve…Read More

  8. worst year

    Worst Week For Gold So Far This Year

    This was the worst week for gold since the beginning of the year. However, the U.S. dollar continues to bounce back. Gold futures for the week fell 0.2 percent, coming in at around $1,330.30 per ounce. Silver futures for March also saw a decline of 0.6 percent, coming in at $16.49 per ounce. However…Read More

  9. dips in gold

    Dips In Gold As Dollar Sees Higher Index

    There were dips in gold throughout the week, but gold has been on an almost three-week high. Investors have been worried that inflation would go up as the U.S. dollar has risen from a three-year low. The U.S. dollar was facing up against all kinds of different currencies as it was able to bounce bac…Read More

  10. perth mint

    Perth Mint Cryptocurrency

    Perth Mint is developing  a cryptocurrency that receives backing from precious metals. The plan allows consumers to buy gold much easier but is subject to a confidentiality agreement. Like Bitcoin, Perth will make use of blockchain technology as it's core component. The system will act as a public …Read More